Every year, it’s estimated that there are over two million burglaries that occur across the United States. Out of these burglaries, the average loss of value is about $1,500 and totals over $3 billion. These numbers don’t account for dangerous confrontations and the decline in peace of mind that families experience without a security system in place. To help you determine the best course of action for protecting your family, here are a few of the main benefits of having a home security system.  

12 Benefits of Having a Home Security System

It goes without saying that a home security system will help keep you and your family safe. However, there are plenty of benefits of having a home security system that many people aren’t aware of. Here are the top 10.  

1. It’s a Crime Deterrent

Even the simple act of putting a home security system sign in your yard or on your windows has the ability to deter crime drastically. However, don’t rely on the sign to keep you safe. It’s important to make sure that you have a working system installed and operating to make the biggest impact on crime deterrence. If a criminal decides to try to break in, the alarm will go off and almost all invaders will run away. If, for whatever reason, the invader attempts to continue with a home invasion or burglary, you’ll be protected with automated monitoring and alerts that lead to faster emergency response times. 

2. Faster Emergency Response Times

Without a home security system, you will have to call the police if you think you hear any sign of a break in. If you’re home, this can be dangerous. You might not wake up immediately and if confrontations occur, they can become aggressive or dangerous. If you’re awake and you hear it, you still have to get to the phone, call the police, give all of your information, and wait for emergency units to arrive. If you’re not home, you might not even know that someone broke in until you come back and find your house disheveled and burglarized. 

By installing a home security system, you’ll have automated emergency dispatch options so that police are notified as soon as an alarm is triggered. While many security systems will first attempt to call to check if the alarm was accidental, there are options for you to set in panic mode. Certain alarm systems also offer silent alarms, panic buttons, or camera verification for faster, safer response times. 

3. Increased Protection of Valuables

In addition to making sure that you and your family are safe, home security systems drastically increase the protection of your valuables. Since many thieves will leave as soon as an alarm sounds, you won’t have to worry about losing family heirlooms or priceless antiques when you’re out of town or even just away for the evening. If you opt for a home security system that has camera monitoring, you’ll be able to increase the chances of identifying intruders and catching them later on. This improves the likelihood of your valuables being returned and provides video verification of everything that was taken in the first place.   

4. Allows for Remote Access

While many home security systems in the past were basic and rudimentary, smart home security systems allow for remote access anywhere around the world. This means you can see exactly what’s happening in your home from the palm of your hand. Depending on the type of smart home security system you have installed, you can also gain access to smart technology like thermostats, lights, locks, blinds, and more. This allows you to make it seem like someone’s inside when you’re out of town and reduces your utility bills.  

5. Alerts and Notifications

Alongside remote access, you’ll be able to program alerts and notifications, so they’re sent straight to your smartphone. You can work with your smart home security system provider to set the types of alerts and notifications you want to receive and it’s as simple as that. Whenever a door is opened or closed, the alarm is set or disarmed, or your sensors go off, you’ll know immediately. When paired with security cameras or smart doorbells, this will give you complete access to knowing what goes on in your home while you’re away.   

6. Improves Energy Efficiency

As we mentioned, with accessible smart home security systems in place, you’ll be able to remotely access your thermostat and lighting fixtures. This gives you the opportunity to manage your electricity in a more conscious way. Some systems even go as far as offering outlet control, so you never have to drive all the way home because you can’t remember if you left the straightener plugged in and on. 

7. Reduces Homeowner’s Insurance

Since homeowner’s insurance covers loss or damage to your home in addition to valuables that are in your policy, you can reduce your premiums with a home security system. In fact, it’s been shown that having a home security system installed and actively working can reduce your premiums by up to 20%. While you will need to pay for monthly monitoring, the decrease in homeowner’s insurance can help offset the cost and greatly improve your overall peace of mind. 

8. Fire and CO Detection

If you decide to add fire alarms and carbon monoxide monitors to your smart home security system, you’ll improve your home’s defense with real-time monitoring and detection. When paired with an alert system, you’ll be notified if your smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detectors go off while you’re at home or away. With automated notifications to emergency dispatchers, the proper authorities will be contacted, and you’ll reduce the damages that your home incurs. 

9. Protects Your Pets

With increased fire and carbon monoxide poisoning monitoring, you’ll be able to keep your pets safe in case of an emergency. Without a monitoring system, you may not realize that something’s wrong until you get home and it’s too late. Comprehensive home security systems give you the ability to protect your pet wherever you are. There are also great options for in-home cameras so you can keep an eye on your furry friend throughout the day. 

10. Helps Supervise Loved Ones

Home Security ProtectionWe’re not insinuating that one of the benefits of a home security system is the ability to spy on your children, you can monitor and supervise who’s at your home. You’ll be able to keep an eye on any childcare workers or, if you have elderly loved ones, nurses. With the rise of in-home abuse by support staff, this is more important than ever. If your loved ones don’t have a nurse or in-home care but are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, you can monitor them to make sure that they stay safe. With included door sensors, you’ll be notified if anyone leaves so you can take the proper precautions to reduce the likelihood of emergencies. 

11. Increases Peace of Mind

Arguably, one of the biggest benefits about having a home security system is the peace of mind that you’ll feel. Security systems provide a sense of comfort knowing that you’re protected and being kept safe. This feeling can help improve your quality of life by boosting productivity, health, and focus and minimizing anxiety or stress. You won’t have to worry about your home or any “what if” scenarios while you’re out of town and you’ll be backed with 24/7 emergency support. 

12. It’s Proactive, not Reactive

Finally, having a home security system is proactive. It allows you to take action before something bad happens. Break-ins can cause you to feel unease in your own home and many people talk about adding increased security after the fact. By installing a home security system before something happens, you can skip all of the negativity and avoid being victimized by a thief.   


While there are tons of options on the market from big box home security systems, they usually come in specific packages and with long-term contracts that can seem unreasonably high. At Viper Electric, our home security installation services allow you to mix and match the best elements of home security so they will fit your specific needs and setup requirements. By opting for our smart home security solution, you can gain the peace of mind you want and need. You’ll be able to check on your home from your smartphone or laptop, view live footage, review recorded clips, set your alarm with the push of a button, and more. Our added features allow for lighting control and motion detection to give you a comprehensive smart home security solution. If you’re ready to benefit from having a home security system, call the professionals at Viper Electric today at 479-305-2296.